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Patients We See


Our patients often have complex problems that need significant time and attention.  


Examples of patients commonly referred for evaluation and management include:


•  Patients with severe lipid / lipoprotein abnormalities (e.g., very high total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, LDL particle number, triglycerides or very low HDL cholesterol, HDL particle number);


•  Patients unable to tolerate statins or other lipid-altering medications;


•  Patients with suboptimal response to combination therapies; 


•  Patients being considered for PCSK9 inhibitor therapy;


•  Patients needing non-invasive imaging to evaluate the presence of subclinical vascular disease;


•  Patients needing detailed atherosclerosis / cardiovascular risk assessment (including integration of laboratory and non-invasive imaging tests) to determine the degree of vascular risk present and appropriate therapeutic goals. This is particularly helpful for patients with a family history of premature cardiovascular disease (heart attack, angioplasty or bypass at an early age), as well as patients with isolated low HDL cholesterol;


•  Pediatric patients with lipid disorders (including familial hypercholesterolemia, mixed hyperlipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, or low HDL cholesterol).  For these patients we provide comprehensive evaluation, therapeutic lifestyle therapies, and management with lipid lowering medications as needed;


•  Patients with dyslipidemia complicated by the presence of significant co-morbidities (e.g., kidney disease, HIV, immune suppressive therapy following transplantation).

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